MicroRNA Biomarkers of COVID-19 Severity (miRCOVID)

This project aims to study the potential of circulating microRNAs as predictors of disease severity in patients with COVID-19.

Prognostication of neurological outcomes After Cardiac Arrest (PACA)

This project helps clinicians predict neurological outcomes after cardiac arrest using non-coding long RNAs.

m6A project : m6A RNA methylation as key disease regulator ?

This method aims to provide a reliable m6A measurement. It will be a useful tool for future projects on heart and brain diseases in Luxembourg.

Long non-coding RNAs in Brain-Heart Axis

This project aims to evaluate long non-coding RNAs as key actors in heart and brain diseases.

CARDIATEAM, a European consortium on diabetic cardiomyopathy

CARDIATEAM is an translational research project aiming to improve diagnosis and care of diabetic cardiomyopathy, a heart dysfunction caused by diabetes.