Mélanie Vausort

Since her MSc graduation in Biomedicine (University of Liège, Belgium), Mélanie Vausort works as research engineer in the Cardiovascular Research unit. She implements new tools in cellular and molecular biology useful to the brain and heart axis research. She is involved in several projects leading to the discovery and characterization of new RNA biomarkers. She studies some RNA modifications, such as m6A, in the development and the progression of diseases such heart failure and Parkinson’s. Due to her expertise in the RNA field, she likes helping students and researchers on their projects. In addition, she holds a lab manager position and she is member of the LIH Biosafety committee.


"As a research engineer, I’m in charge of developing new techniques in cellular and molecular biology. I supervise the daily management of the lab in terms of work organisation and technical aspects. I’m also in charge of the health and the safety in the lab."


"My expertise is the discovery and functional characterisation of new circulating RNA biomarkers. I provide help, assistance and advice to researchers on their projects. I contribute to all projects of the lab."


• Studies on patient cohorts using personal data and clinical samples
• Blood primary cells isolation
• Cell culture
• In vitro gene modulation: silencing (LNA GapmeRs, siRNAs) and/or overexpression (plasmid cloning)
•Molecular biology including the study of long non coding RNAs, mRNAs and microRNAs:

-RNA extraction from cells, tissues and blood
-Cytoplasmic vs nuclear RNA extractions
-Exosome purification
-RNA Pull down assay
-RNA Dot blot assay
-DNA Microarrays
-RT-qPCR (singleplex and multiplex)
-Northern Blot
-LC-MS (RNA modifications measurement)
-In vitro 3’UTR-microRNA luciferase assay
-DNA sequencing

• Protein biology:

-Western Blot
-Affinity chromatography
-Phage display


Mélanie Vausort, Research Engineer

CVRU Research Engineer

1 A-B, rue Thomas Edison
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Phone : +352 26.970 - 307