Francesca Maria Stefanizzi

Francesca Maria Stefanizzi started her PhD at CVRU in August 2018. Previously, she obtained her MSc degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at Tor Vergata University of Rome and received a Telethon fellowship at the “National Institute of Health”in Rome, Italy.
Her PhD thesis project is funded by FNR and aims at the discovery of circulating non-coding RNAs able to predict the outcome of patients after cardiac arrest, shortly after the event occurs. The vision behind this project is to improve the current prognostication strategies by the addition of new RNA biomarkers, in order to advance towards personalised medicine. Her involvement in other ongoing projects of the unit, foremost in relation of RNA modification studies, helps Francesca to extend her knowledge and practical skills for the study of ncRNAs.


"I am a second year PhD student in the lab, working on noncoding RNAs as biomarkers after cardiac arrest. I am active in the FNR-CORE funded project “PACA” (Long non-coding RNAs to predict outcome after cardiac arrest)."


• Circulating non-coding RNAs
• Long non-coding RNAs
• Circular RNAs
• Biomarkers
• Cardiac arrest
• Prognostication strategies
• Personalised medicine


• RNA extraction
• Retro-transcription
• Quantitative RT-PCR
• Cloning
• Cell cultures 


Francesca Maria Stefanizzi - Cardio Vascular Reseach Unit

CVRU PhD Student

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