The Cardiovascular Research Unit aims to better understand the role of RNAs in heart and brain diseases. Our goal is to develop RNA-based biomarkers and a therapeutic approach to personalize health care. Our current focus is on heart failure, cardiac arrest and Parkinson's disease.

Ongoing research projects address two major areas


Using high-throughput transcriptomics tools, the team seeks to develop RNA-based diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cardiovascular and brain diseases. Research projects focus on non-coding RNAs: microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and circular RNAs.


By focusing on the mechanisms that RNAs regulate the development of diseases, the group aims to facilitate drug discovery.

The group also coordinates the EU-CardioRNA and Cardiolinc™ networks, which are a consortium of research groups aimed at advancing research on deciphering the role of RNAs in cardiovascular disease.

Strategic goals

• Address the main causes of mortality and morbidity in developed countries: heart and brain diseases

• Fulfil unmet medical needs: lack of diagnostic tools and drugs for personalized healthcare

• Develop networks of international collaborators

• Collaborate with private partners to bring research products to clinical application

• Perform translational research to push forward personalized medicine.

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